How It Works


  1. FIND A PARTICIPATING PUBLISHER:  Determine if there is an “American Hometown Hero” publisher in the community you would like to open a business.
    • Go to the “City Locator” page.
    • Enter a zip code or town and state.
    • If there is an “American Hometown Hero” publisher in your area,  the contact information will appear.
    • Proceed to the "sign-Up" page PRIOR to contacting the publisher.
  2. SIGN-UP:
    • Once you have found a publisher, click the “Sign-Up” link.
    • Review the “Qualification Page'” to ensure that you qualify as an applicant.
    • Complete the necessary forms and the “terms and conditions”.
    • Forward or fax completed forms to the “American Hometown Hero” publisher in your area to get started!
  1. SECURE YOUR GRANT:  The publishers will need to review the completed form in order to award any grant.  Generally, the publisher will make their final decision within 30 days of the receipt of your application.  If you are awarded a grant, the publisher will meet with you to complete the following:
    • Help you determine your marketing needs and strategy.
    • Determine the print and/or online advertising program to be provided by the publisher.
    • Help develop your artwork, ad campaign, and marketing message.
    • Outline the next steps, including the implementation of your program, publicizing the grant, etc.
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